Fitness for Charity.

Uplift Others is an online charity that offers fitness plans that fit your plans. 

 The best part? Our profits are donated to help cover the cost of teachers’ classroom supplies. Our mission is to help you become the best version of yourself so you can uplift others.

At Home Workout Programs

Not a fan of the gym? No problem! We offer an at home workout program so you can still make amazing progress in the comfort of your own living room.


Gym Workout Programs

Whether you’re looking to put on muscle, get stronger, or maximize your athleticism, we have some amazing workouts guaranteed to get you the results you are after.


Running Programs

 Lace up the shoes and hit the pavement with our programs designed by former D1 athletes!



Teachers Shouldn’t Pay For Their Classroom Supplies


There is a lot of talk about education reform and investing in our youth, but simply not enough action. The average starting salary for a teacher in the US is below $40,000 in 63% of the nation’s school districts. Meanwhile, many are forced to pay up to $750 to cover basic school supplies so that their students have the best experience possible. It’s a selfless profession that deserves more support.

Uplift Others is dedicated to making a difference by donating our profits to support classrooms around the United States. And while the connection between fitness and education might not be the most obvious, we strongly believe that if you invest in bettering yourself, you will have more capacity to help others. 

Please consider buying a workout program, a guide, or donating using the button below. Every dollar makes a difference!


What is a Drop Set?

What is a Drop Set?

A drop set is an advanced lifting technique that involves taking a set to failure and then with no rest, “dropping” the weight, performing an additional set to failure, and repeating 2-4x. Bodybuilders have been incorporating drop sets into their training for years in...

Why Does My Weight Fluctuate So Much?

Why Does My Weight Fluctuate So Much?

Have you ever stepped on the scale on a Sunday morning and thought “Holy Sh***t I really blew all my progress this weekend”. Or even on a random Wednesday, seen a big spike and felt discouraged because you were consistent with your exercise and nutrition all week?...

Tips for Getting Over Gym Fear

Tips for Getting Over Gym Fear

When you’re just beginning your fitness journey the gym can be an intimidating place. From the large assortment of machines that you may not know how to use, to the people lifting heavy in the back and grunting, it can be enough to deter you from starting any...

Pay It Forward


“A friend took the time to help at my lowest health and showed me what I was capable of both physically and mentally. My life’s mission is to pay that forward. I’m here to help people become the best version of themselves. And to take it a step further, I want to raise money for a great cause.

I strongly believe that Uplift Others has the ability to not only help you with your own personal goals, but to help establish a life-long healthy relationship with the way you treat yourself.”

– Brian (founder)


“For the first time in years, I feel in control.” – Molly F.

“I would definitely recommend Uplift Others for anyone who is looking to get in the best shape of their life.” – Wade S.

“The programs are exactly what I’ve been looking for to keep me on track with working out.” – Riley B.