Beginner Home Workout Program


  • 6 weeks long and 2 days a week
  • For all genders, age levels, etc.!
  • Includes one total body day, one circuit day, and bonus core workouts
  • A warm-up routine is included to help you get ready for workouts and prevent injury
  • Learn how to do each movement with the video demonstration links
  • Track your progress week to week with spots to enter the weight you’re using


Welcome to 2 Day Beginner Home Training! This program is most appropriate for those who are new to resistance training and prefer to be in the comfort of their own home. With a variety of total body exercises, you'll quickly learn and master basic movements such as squatting, pressing, pulling, lunging, and more. Not only do we have two unique workout routines per week, but we have also included an additional core workout and a warm-up routine to have you feeling at your best!

Please note that this program requires you to purchase a set of bands (regular size bands of different tension and a smaller loop band). Any brand will do and you can find some cheap sets online.


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